- True Love Ways -

  • Title
  • True Love Ways

  • Genre
  • Erotic Thriller, Horror

  • Director
  • Mathieu Seiler

  • Screenplay
  • Mathieu Seiler

  • Production
  • Peker & Benabdallah Films
    GrandHôtelPictures GmbH
    Klusfilm Berlin

  • Cast
  • Anna Hausburg
    David C. Bunners
    Kai-Michael Müller
    Beat Marti
    Axel Hartwig
    Marcel Schneider
    Michael Greiling

  • Website
  • Séverine is haunted by a reoccurring dream, that makes her doubt her relationship With her boyfriend Tom. Finally she decides to that she will go to the beach for a couple of days, to think everything over.

    Tom on the other hand spilled his guts in a bar. A sophisticated bar patron offers Tom his help: Séverine will be kidnapped on her way to the beach. Tom rescues her from the clutches of the kidnappers, and will become her savior.

    What Tom and Séverine did not know - They are victims of an evil plot.

    During the Car ride Séverine notices she is being follow. She manages to shake off her pursuers. When her car runs out of gas, she goes looking for help and finds a villa. Suddenly her pursuers appear and while Séverine hides she becomes a witness of a heinous crime. She knows what fate awaits her if they catch her, and that she will have to fight for survival.

    Faced with violent criminals and her own primal fears, revealed a brutal game of unfulfilled desire and the search for true love.

  • Internationale Hofer Filmtage, October 2014

  • 33rd Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – BIFFF, April 2015

  • Fantaspoa, May 2015

  • Achtung Berlin, 2015

  • Transilvania International Film Festival, 2015

  • Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, 2015